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We are here to help you navigate your experience with CNaz so that you will feel right at home in God's presence.

Covid-19 Protocols 

Moving Forward - Plan for restarting ministries and gatherings.

Online worship will continue to be offered. People have the option of viewing at home. However, we believe God has called us to gather. We want to move safely toward helping people to assemble again.  All of these steps are subject to change based on new recommendations and restrictions.

Safety Protocol - 

  • Every individual must make his or her own decision about the best practices for their situation. Those who are at risk or uncomfortable should take appropriate steps to provide for their own safety. If an individual or a family member has any symptoms please remain at home until fully recovered. 

  • We will practice safe distancing, provide sanitary procedures and clean and disinfect all areas regularly. We will constantly ask all who attend to respect others space and safety.

  • Cleaning and sanitary supplies will be stationed in appropriate areas. This is our church. We ask all who attend to clean up before and after themselves.

  • Seating will be spaced in groups of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There will be a section reserved for those who prefer extra distance and the use of masks. We will assist people with directions to find seating appropriate for their family. 

  • People will be asked not to congregate in the public areas and to visit with each other outdoors when weather permits.  

  • Individuals may choose to wear masks if they prefer.

  • Appropriate signage and hospitality team members will be available to assist people in following these procedures. 

These protocols are published as of 5/15/2020 and are subject to change/modification.