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Who we are

We exist to live out our faith by leading others to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A relationship with Jesus Christ helps believers share the joy of freedom as they experience life within a family of faith. Our purpose is to live love by serving those around us and loving them the way that God loves us.


How did we get here?

CNaz (Countryside Church of the Nazarene) was organized in 1958 as a small group of believers who had a vision to see Christ glorified in this city. In 1972, their vision expanded to the development of young Christian leaders through what is now Lebanon Christian Schools. Through steady faithfulness and prayer, this body of believers has continued to influence others for Christ through love and compassion for their neighbors.

Where are we headed?

Our ultimate purpose is to develop fully engaged followers of Christ and we are always working to expand our reach to deliver the Good News that the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now! Through local compassion, neighbor love, and proclaiming God's love we hope to continue to expand our reach by continually working to become better ambassadors for Christ.

What this means to you

No matter what your circumstance or background, you are welcomed at CNaz. Our hope is that you will experience God as you spend time with us either online or in our gatherings. We want to walk with you as you take the next step in your spiritual journey.