Student Ministries


Countryside Student Ministries involves students from both Middle School and High School.  We love being all together but sometimes it's just fun to get together with people who are the same age.  That's why we have separate High School Events from Middle School Events.  

Don't get me wrong we love being all together but we purposefully separate things like Small Group time, and Sunday School by High School/Middle School groups.  We believe that Middle Schoolers are on a different level then High Schoolers.  We want them to be together connecting with like minded students and passionate adults to help them walk this life together. Middle school students naturally want to connect with Jesus on a fun level so we try to create those environments weekly.


Middle School Sunday School meets weekly in the Spanish Room off of the main hallway at CNaz on Sunday Mornings at 9:15am!  Great time of connecting to God's word and each other. 


Small groups are combined starting up in September.  We will separate when the topic deems worthy to but for the most part we want to build community so that's why our small group times are mixed gendered, mixed ages, so we can learn from one another.


We also do Middle School Only Events every so often!  Check the Student Events Page to see if any are coming up? 

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