CNAZ Connects

CNAZ Connects is a multi-week congregation and small group series that integrates a specific topic. Many different styles of small groups are formed, such as young adults, women, men, families and parents, and even a walking group. Various times and days of the week are offered as well. Each Sunday in the series, an outline and discussion questions are provided to guide fellowship and dialogue. 

CNAZ Connects

Our next Connect Group series will be kicking off on October 2nd and will run through November 6th!  We’ll be going through the Book of Proverbs as we look into the difference between wise and foolish choices and the impact it has on our lives. 




Registration will be open starting on Sunday, September 11th.

You can register be clicking the link below:






Connect Groups in the Home


The Following Connect Groups will be meeting in homes and some will focus on engaging with families with kids while others will be focused on adults from all different stages in life.


Apke/Smith Connect Group: Adult Connect Group Co-hosted by the Apke and Smith families. Friday nights @ 6:30pm.


Shuler/Robison Connect Group: Adult Connect Group Co-hosted by the Shuler and Robison families.  Sunday nights @ 6pm.


Jones/Oeder Connect Group: Adult Connect Group hosted by the Jones and Oeder families. Sunday nights @ 6pm.


Spahr/Levering Connect Group: Families Connect Group (kids are welcome)  Co-hosted by the Spahr and Levering families. Friday nights @ 7pm.


Henize/Fornshell Connect Group: Families Connect Group (kids are welcome) Co-hosted by the Henize and Fornshell families. Friday nights @ 6:30pm. 


McDowell/Bennington Connect Group: Families Connect Group (kids are welcome) hosted by the McDowell and Bennington families.  Friday nights @ 6:30pm. 



Connect Groups Outside the Home


The following Connect Groups are a variety of ongoing men’s, women’s, youth, and young adult groups.


Men’s Connect Groups: 2 different men’s groups headed up by Dave Jayne and Bill Arns.  They meet in the modulars at Countryside Church on Wednesday nights @ 7pm.


Women’s Connect Group: Led by Nancy Conway and Gayle Mills, the women’s group meets in the Wilson Room (cafeteria) at Countryside Church on Wednesday nights @ 7pm.


Countryside Student Ministries Connect Group: Led by Next Gen Family Ministry Director Tricia Morrison, the youth will meet on Sunday nights from 5pm – 7pm at Countryside Church in the worship center. 


Bridge Builders (55+) Connect Group: Led by Bill and Carolyn Goodin, this group of adults 55 years and older get together every Thursday morning at 8:30am for breakfast at the Cherry Street Café.


Young Adults/Professionals Connect Group: Led by Jim and Heather Salyer, this group focuses on engaging with recent high school graduates, college students, and young professionals.  Sunday nights at 7pm at the Salyer house.


Women’s Walking Connect Group: For women who like to walk and talk, this is a great group to be a part of.  The group is led by Beth Levering and meets at the Countryside YMCA on Thursdays at 1pm.