We are all recovering from something because we have all been broken. Special assistance is sometimes required to move beyond circumstances that can keep us from moving forward in our walk with God. We are here to help.

Life Coaching
Sometimes we just need a little careful advice and loving experience to get us through. God will change unhealthy lifestyles and incorrect thinking, as we line our lives up with His instruction. Healing can be yours through personal guidance and prayer.
Grief Share
The loss of a loved one can stop us in our tracks. We are willing to share your grief and help you bear your burden through group sessions that aid in dealing with the loss and sorrow of death.
Food can be a hindrance to many in living a healthy lifestyle. Join others in this daily battle as we “Take Off Pounds Sensibly.”
Alcoholics Anonymous
Through group support and accountability, one can be free of addiction. The first step is yours, but the rest of the path will be taken together.
Financial Counseling
Debt can suffocate all other areas of our lives. We were made to live free and this includes money. Receive care and instruction for handling money through counselors that are experienced trainers in Dave Ramsey’s principles of “Financial Peace.”