It’s important for adults to share together, care together, pray together, and love together. That is how God designed it and His plan is to use the church to work out his grace in us all. At Countryside we work hard to involve all ages in the community of Christ. We are in this together and Christ will see us through.

Young Adults’ Ministry
Whether in college or in the pursuit of a career it can be quite easy to become isolated from the love and security of the church. Don't get lost! Dig in and thrive during this stage of your life. Group Communication, Care Packages, and Connecting events are just a few ways that you can establish and maintain your place in the body of Christ.
Men’s Ministry
No tea and crumpets here! Outings, Softball, Target Shooting, Men's Groups, Prayer Breakfasts, and Work Days are just a taste of some of the opportunities for our men to join together become the men that God desires them to be.
Women’s Ministry
Bible Studies, Monthly Ladies Lunch Out, Create It Nights, and Conferences are just the tip of the iceberg of ways for ladies to get connected here @ Countryside.
Bridge Builders Ministry
Crossing the bridge into the later stages of life can be a difficult path for many. Who says we have to stop when we reach a certain age? We don't stop! We become creative in how we do what we do. No matter what we do, let's do it together! Group dinners, Outings, and Service projects are just some of the things we do to stay connected to others in this stage of our life.
Marriage Ministry
Marriage is a gift from God and it must be nurtured and cared for with the strongest commitment. The blessings of life are only as deep as the relationships with our families, so God must be at the center of it all. Let's learn together so we can stay together.